AOP Fitou Versicolore 2019 Domaine Balansa 2019



Few words about this wine

This wine is made with 100% Carignan grapes that undergo carbonic maceration (wine making technique that creates a much fruitier wine and soft tannins) even though the appellation AOP Fitou states that there has to be at least 2 different grape varieties blended.


Best sommelier of Taiwan

Why I like this wine

The wine shows a deep purple color with ruby hue. It perfumed dark berries aromas such as black berry, black cherry and prune, followed by violet flower and fresh licorice with a hint of bubble gum. The sensation of the wine in the mouth is juicy, fruity and pleasant: you can re-discover the dark berries flavors as on the nose, very soft and elegant tannins with fresh acidity, finishing with a hint of sweetness.

Wine Information

Content : 750 ml
Alcohol content : 14%
Service : 17-19
Potential aging : 3-5 years