FrereJean Frères AOC Champagne Extra Brut



Few words about this wine

• Tête de cuvée
• Malolactic fermentation
•Resting at least 6 months after disgorgement
• Very low dosage
• Extra brut


Best sommelier of Taiwan

Why I like this wine

On the nose, noticeable presence of a perfect balance. A Chardonnay with shy aromas of toasted almonds, tempered by a mineral and tense Pinot noir.
On the palate, at first the Chardonnay shows notes of can died apples and pears, evolving with aromas of a home made brioche, which are all signs of prolonged aging in the cellar. This champagne remains tense thanks to the Pinot noir which awakens the wine and frames it with a slight hint of salinity and energetic acidity.

Wine Information

Content : 750 ml
Alcohol content : 12%
Service : 8