Champagne VV26 FrereJean Frères



Few words about this wine

Vinifcation :
• Blend of 2008 & 2009 harvests
• Tête de cuvée
• 7 months in used Argonne oak cask
• Malolactic fermentation
• Cellared on August 6th 2010
• 8 years on the lees
• Resting at least 6 months after disgorgement
• Low dosage Brut


Best sommelier of Taiwan

Why I like this wine

Our Grand Gru is the result of a strict selection from our plots of old vineyards, some of them dating back to 1926. This bottle, closed with an“Agrafe”, is a return to authenti
city and tradition of the “Grand Vin de Champagne”. The prolonged aging of 8 years offers on the palate silky and rounded textures, followed by toasted almonds, vanil la custard cream and subtle spices enhanced by a delicate mousse.

Wine Information
Content : 750 ml
Alcohol content : 12.5%
Service : 8 ℃