Vin de France, Aragon 2019 Domaine Balansa



Few words about this wine

Balansa is a boutique domaine that cultivates 14 hectares of old vines in hillsides, on the Hautes-Corbières terroir, in Aude. Biodynamic farming method, their objective is to produce fine wines valued by a cultivation approach implicated in the environmental cause, and to commit themselves to offering natural wines, which reflect the precious and unique terroir of Hautes Corbières.


Best sommelier of Taiwan

Why I like this wine

This wine has been aged in an Italian jar in order to present wine in its perfect originality, with our over-makeup by the barrel. Once the wine has been poured, you will sense a strong and pleasant floral perfume: rose, jasmine, and citrus. The wine is delicate in the mouth, the acidity is well balanced, and the end rhyme has a characteristic salty taste. You will have an extraordinary tasting experience.

Wine Information

Content : 750 ml
Alcohol content : 13%
Service : 8-10
Potential aging : 1-5 years