First Rum Box

bottle #1 : Neisson Profil 107 52.8°

bottle #2 : HSE – bLANC 2016 50°

Neisson – Profil 107

This Agricole amber rum, AOC Martinique, does not come from the usual manufacturing process. In reality, it is the fruit of an innovation which is based not only on a fine selection of new barrels but also, secondly, on the choice of unique toasting. matured in 190-liter Bourbon casks for more than a year, the rum is then transferred to 10 new casks selected by the House, having undergone a new heating.

HSE – Blanc 2016

This 2016 Cuvée is part of a desire to premium agricultural white rums. HSE has, once again, taken its time to favor a result of optimal quality. The selection of juices that make up this rum represents less than 1% of the brand’s annual production. This rum has also been brewed for two years, fidelity to the elaboration process which made the reputation of the previous cuvée.

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Rum Box

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2 bottles selected by our rum expert