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Dragon Boat Festival, of course, you can not miss this traditional meal ”Zongzi”, these two bundles not only can pair well with a variety of flavors of Zongzi but also remove greasy of this meal, so you can finish one after another!

Set 1


Set 2


AOC Alsace, Riesling Granite 2019 Domaine Charles Frey
This wine shows a pale yellow color with a silver hue, the perfume of tropical fruits such as pineapple and passionfruit is followed by a bouquet of elderflower and a hint of petrol (which is typically found in Riesling).
The wine is pleasant in the mouth with a lively acidity: you can taste the tropical fruit flavors on the nose and, in the end, a hint of stone mineral. This bottle represents the classic style of riesling from Alsace, pleasing and enjoyable.

Vivino 3.8
317 ratings

Limoux, Hors Pistes Chardonnay 2018 Aubert & Mathieu
This wine shows pale gold color with a silver hue. After a couple of minutes of aeration, it starts to evolve citrus and stone fruits aromas such as yellow lemon, peach, and apricot, while on the side of the flower we can perceive acacia’s white flowers and honeysuckle. The wine is round with a waxy texture in the mouth and, even though it has a full body structure, it sparks with a vivid acidity which brings up the freshness defining its good balance and finishing taste.

Vivino 4.0
610 ratings

Pinot Noir Pierre Dupond 2019

This wine shows a deep ruby color with a ruby hue.
It perfumes of fully ripened red berries aromas like raspberry, strawberry, and red cherry followed by some herbal touch (mint and cardamom) with hints of potting soil and mushroom.
The wine is pleasant and round in the mouth: you can perceive the same red berries notes as on the nose with wet forest floor and mushrooms flavors. It has a medium body structure with well-integrated tannin, good complexity, and relatively high acidity which build up the freshness: a well-made delicate and elegant Pinot Noir from Pay d’Oc.

Vivino 3.8
191 ratings

Domaine Charles Frey AOC Alsace Gewurztraminer
Collines de Granite 2018

Gewurztraminer is the most representative cepage of the Alsace region. It’s probably the most distinguishable wine. This Gewurztraminer is made by Charles Frey under a biodynamic method. Upon opening this bottle, you will be astonished by its complexe et strong perfume: classical lychee and roses flavor, but also pomelos, pineapples, exotic fruit, spice, and honey. It’s really pleasant in the mouth. It has a rather full body, with a slightly oily touch. Balanced by its acidity, drinking this wine is a sensational experience.

Vivino 4.0
138 ratings

AOC Sauternes, Domaine Clos Daddy 2015
Vinification and aging
Fermentation in French oak Bordeaux barriques. Aging on lees with weekly stirring.
Deep shiny yellow color. The nose of jam, botrytis, and black tea with fine integration of oak, round on the palate, airy, spicy, and fresh, with a very long finish.

Vivino 4.1
445 ratings