Whisky Tchankat classique – Maison Samalens

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From Maison Samalens in France, better known for its Armangnac production, comes a range of French whisky made in the style of bourbon to take advantage of the ample corn production locally. The mashbill is 80% corn, 10% barley, and 10% rye and after five days of brewing and fermentation, it’s distilled in double-heated Charentais stills, the traditional Armangnac stills. It’s aged in re-toasted wine barrels from Château Gruaud Larose. Tchankat Classic is named after the traditional tchanqué shepherds from the Landes who mounted on stilts to watch over their herds in the swamps.

Nose: Poached pear, red berries, vanilla, coconut, and baking spice.

Palate: Espresso, nutmeg, roasted nuts, vanilla, and toffee apples.

Finish: Dark chocolate and stewed fruits.