Domaine de l’Agly Côtes du Roussillon Villages Latour-de-France l’Entrée du Royaume 2015


這款酒來自AOP Côtes de Roussillon Villages中的一個村莊“Latour-de-France”,在台灣市場算是相當少見:由於INAO的法規它的產量更低。這款酒酒色呈現磚紅色,杯緣帶有紫色色澤。我們可以察覺到酒香上有黑李,黑莓與葡萄乾香氣,接續著肉桂與黑胡椒的香料風味。在嘴中口感濃郁圓潤,可以品嚐到先前在鼻子上聞到的香料和水果風味。酒體飽滿強勁,單寧優雅,漂亮的複雜度且尾韻悠長。The wine shows dark garnet color with purple hue. We can perceive black plums, black berries and raisins aromas, followed by hints of spices such as cinnamon and black pepper. In the mouth the wine is rich and round, full-bodied style wine with intense but elegant tannins. Long finish with a good complexity.