Domaine Les Grandes Vignes Pin’Eau de Loire 2020 (Blanc)


Pineau de la loire是白梢楠在羅亞爾河的另一個別稱,這款酒的酒桶特釀名也剛好以此表現。 這款酒呈淺稻草色,杯緣帶有銀色色調。酒的香氣有紅色和綠色的蘋果、酸梨子和榅桲,然後是洋甘菊的味道。這款酒在口中令人愉悅而清新:您可以品嘗到與鼻子相同的香氣以及淡淡的柑橘味做結尾。稍微偏高的酸度會打開您的味覺,迫使您的嘴分泌唾液,使這款酒成為搭配開胃酒的好選擇。This wine shows pale straw color with a silver hue. The perfumes on the nose are red and green apple, tart pear and quince followed by a note of chamomile. The wine is pleasant and fresh in the mouth: you can find the same aromas as on the nose alongside a touch of citrus flavor. The medium to high level of acidity will open up your palate and compel your mouth to salivate making this wine a good choice as a pairing for aperitif.