VIVANT derives from the French phrase “bon vivant”, a reference to the best enjoyment the culinary world has to offer. We aim to empower our wine-obsessed community in its exploration of fine wines. We’re here to help you unlock the secrets of wines’ flavors without compromise.

wine Cooler


The Secret to optimal Wine Experience

Any wine expert will tell you that it’s essential to store fine wine in the proper condition and to serve it at its optimal temperature.

White wines are often served too cold and reds too warm – resulting in a loss in the complexity and finesse that are the hallmarks of the finest labels.

VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler maintains your favorite wine’s perfect temperature from the first to last sips, with zero downtime.

Enjoy Fine Wine

Temperature range: 8°C – 20°C Battery capacity: 2.5 hours to 4 hours What’s in the box: VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler x1, rechargeable battery x2, charging station x1, charging cable x1, user manual x1