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Welcome to VAVIN Wine, your gateway to an extraordinary wine journey. As the most exclusive wine cellar in Taiwan, we offer an unparalleled selection of over 500 carefully curated wines that simply cannot be found anywhere else on the island.

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Our Wine Member Club rewards your passion for wine. Earn points with every purchase and unlock exciting benefits and exclusive offers.

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When you join, we'll greet you with a special Wine Club Welcome Package, filled with delightful surprises and wine essentials.

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Enjoy the convenience of receiving two handpicked bottles of exquisite wine every month, carefully selected by our expert sommeliers.

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Enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on purchases from VAVIN’s exceptional wine cellar. Additionally, you'll have privileged access to private sales.

1399$ / M

Enjoy 2 free bottles monthly, 10% off our cellar, personalized recommendations, plus exclusive access to rewards, educational content, online sommelier, and members-only events!

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Commit for 3 months and save 10% !


Come anytime and enjoy your free monthly tasting set, designed to help you discover our latest wines.

Personalized Recommendations

Tailored to your preferences, our personalized wine recommendations will help you discover new and exciting flavors that suit your taste.

Educational Content and Workshops

Expand your wine knowledge and refine your palate through our educational content and member-only workshops led by industry experts.

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Indulge in the finest wines and elevate your wine journey with our Wine Member Club. Join now and experience the exclusive benefits, personalized recommendations, and unforgettable wine adventures that await you. Cheers to a world of exceptional wines!

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Founded by a Franco-Taiwanese team with years of experience importing for Michelin-starred restaurants, we are here to bring you the finest wines and elevate your wine experience to new heights.

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After subscribing you’ll get deducted directly then the monthly payment will occur the1th of each month.

Our Shop is open Monday to Sunday, Feel free to come anytime during business hours to enjoy your member perks and retrieve your box (If local pick up delivery selected otherwise it’ll be shipped to your delivery address).


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