Château de Chainchon AOP Castillon, Teha Amphore 2018


This bottle of wine named after the owner’s granddaughter, Teha, is a very rare cuvee, with an annual production of only 1200 bottles, from the precious three-acre parcel on the north side of Château de Chainchon. To perfectly present its fruity aroma, the winemaker decided to age the wine with Amphora instead of oak barrels. As a result, Teha has quite a vivid aroma of red berries such as cherry, strawberry and raspberry with a pleasant floral and rosy scent. The wine is delicate and has very elegant and silky tannins, and has a right level of acidity, which gives freshness to this wine and makes it very pleasant to drink. After opening, let it sit for 30-60 minutes for the beautiful flavours to open up! This wine could be drunk young or to be aged for 10 to 20 years.