Speri Amarone Classico Sant’Urbano 2016


Amarone, the prestigious wine of the Verona region: it’s world famous. To make Amarone, producers use a process known as ‘appassimento’: the winemakers dry out the grapes for three to four months, press them slowly, and then ferment them until dry. While the grape is drying out, the flavors and the sugar level concentrate, that’s why you will have a slightly sweet, rich and powerful red wine in your glass.

The wine shows deep garnet red color with purple hue; on the nose you can sample cooked red and black berries (raisin, plum, cherry), followed by chocolate notes and a hint of licorice. On the palate this wine as a round, rich and powerful body: you can sample the same red and black berries notes as on the nose. This wine has a good level of acidity to balance the rich wine structure. Good complexity and long finishing taste.