Kaze, Le Vent Les Larmes du Levant

$ 2290

Junmai – Yamadanishiki Rice / Japan Polishing Ratio 50%

Kaze harmoniously combines the specific mellowness of the Yamadashiniki rice variety with a pinch of acidity, resulting in a more evanescent and subtle body.

Aromas of candied peaches, of dates and almonds. The first feeling in mouth is light, discreet yet suave. Flavours of white fruits are perciptibles and the fresh and persistant finish revolves around fruity hints of peaches, cherries and elderberries. This elegant sake will harmoniously pair with white fishes, desserts or even light blue cheeses. It is our Top Batch.

Sake Made In France

One of the hexagonal Kura is called Les larmes du levant. It was created by Grégoire Bœuf in Pélissin, in the Rhône valley in 2017. Having fallen madly in love with Japan and its sake, the kuramoto (kura owner), who also plays the role of toji (master sake-maker), spent a year in Japan at his friend Shishô Umetsu’s izakaya to learn first-hand how sake was produced. He currently imports his rice, koji and yeast from Japan, but is working with rice producers in the Camargue to develop a 100% French sake rice. Grégoire Bœuf and his teams are also working to develop indigenous yeasts (the cuvée le vent 2021 was 90% made with in-house yeasts) and, of course, source their water locally (from Mont Pilat, which is low in iron and manganese). Les larmes du levant sakakura produces traditional junmai sakés with no additives.

A major Heterodoxy in the Kingdom of Wine

Raised among the beautiful wineyards of Côtes du Rhones, it was certainly not meant for me to become a Japanese Sake producer.

Yet the high purity of the waters of Mont Pilat along with the high benevolence of Umetsu Masasuke who carefuly and patiently teached me the arcanes of it secular art flowing from 5 generations of Kuramoto allowed me to accomplish this major heterodoxy : brewing sake, totemic beverage of Japan in the heart of a land famous for its wine, Because its waters are prodigious.